The Rock Star Demon Trap (dream)
Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 3:37pm

I had a dream today, this morning in fact, that really shook me up and bothered me.  Usually "God" dreams don't always shake me up.  A few do, but most are more along the lines of interesting and informational.  This was one that really left me shaken.  Not shaken in my faith, but rather just upset and shaken at what I experienced.  Anyhow, here's the dream, without interpretation, for you to read as I think it'll be helpful to others.

    The dream starts out in what looks to be a restaurant with a wet bar.  The place is fairly upscale with bartenders in fancy shirts, bowties, expensive vests and khakis, waiters in what appears to be tuxes, etc.  Really ritzy place.  The focus then shifts to this girl, early 20's, Asian in appearance.  She has what looks to be a 4 or 5 string oriental guitar.  She's dressed in an evening gown and is practicing for a talent show.  Come to find out, "America's Got Talent" is doing an episode there.  Eventually she's called up and begins to do her performance.  However, as she does, this rock band (I heard the name in the dream, but I don't remember it.  The group has 5 members, all white.) steps forward and does a number/song that completely drowns her out.  Everyone applauds the band for their performance, but completely ignores her.  The band gives their thanks, then leaves.  It's at this point that I realize that the band isn't real, but is actually a cardboard cutout pretending to be the real band.
    The girl is crushed and disappointed, but the judges decide that, as a consolation, they'll let her go back stage and meet the band.  Again, we enter a room in the back, sorta like a hangout for famous people, with couches, and the like, and she enters and is excited to meet the band, who in turn is excited to meet her.  They then have a "jam" session.  Again, the band members are still nothing but cardboard cutouts.  She's then invited to one of their "events".  The scene then changes and we're in this hallway in front of this door.  We watch (I'm still a 3rd person observer in this, but have gotten a few brief 1st person glances at events through the girl's eyes, but never became her.  IE, they were just temporary changes of perspective) as they take several people, push them through this big barn door like entrance into a dark room (I got the impression that this was either a gateway into Hell itself, or simply a place filled with magic, witchcraft and demons) where the person was sealed inside just long enough to turn them into demon possessed avatars of themselves, turning them into the same kind of people as the cardboard band members.
    As the first batch came out, I noticed that the eyes of the band members now looked dark, hollow and demon possessed, as though they were revealing their true colors.  The next scene I got to see what happens behind the door, and how people were put through the door, then dropped into a hole where this pitch black darkness full of demons overflowed and possessed these people.  All of them had come for, as best I could tell, fame, glory, riches, etc, but were instead possessed and turned into the servants of Hell and Satan.  IE, I saw the process by which it was done, and you could tell they went into it completely unsuspecting, but once it happened, the look of terror on their faces as they were overwhelmed and possessed was chilling.  The scene then switched to my bedroom in my old apartment (if it wasn't actually that room, it was a very similar looking one) where the girl had entered apparently to find rest (there was a bed in the middle of it) and escape everything she'd just witnessed (she never got possessed, but was very close to it as it happened).  Just then, as she lay down on the bed, just then I found myself in her body, looking out at the world through her eyes as I had several times before.
    Moments later I felt this powerful, dark, evil, demonic hand grab her body from behind, like a child grabbing a doll in the same way, and applying firm, but not crushing pressure.  At least it didn't feel crushing to me, although she may have felt differently.  I only remember what I felt.  Realizing what was happening and that this was a demonic attack against both of us (remember, we're sharing the same body, even if our experiences with this were different) and I could tell that the demon meant to harm us severely, and possibly even kill us.  Having done spiritual warfare before, I began rebuking the demon as I had in the past.  It had zero effect.  Nada, nothing, not one thing changed.  So I kept changing tactics, changing my words, using everything I'd used before, but to no avail.  It was at this point that I realized that, when I'd first started out, I'd just be throwing out words.  There was no fight behind it, no drawn sword, nothing.  Just kinda "shoo fly, don't bother me."  IE, weak and with no power.  Now I started getting both upset and concerned, and actually started throwing some effort into the fight.  Still no progress was being made and the demon was clearly getting more irate, and turning up the heat.
    And, of course, I was growing more angry and frustrated that I was making no progress in this fight.  Finally, I turned my attention to the Lord, and said, "Jesus, I need you to step in and help me because I can't do this.  I don't have the strength to defeat him, and he's not leaving, or listening to me.  So You'll need to fight this battle for me."  It was at this point I felt as though Jesus told me to turn to the demon, and tell him to leave.  So I plucked up all my strength, all my resolve, and all my fight, turned my attention to the demon, and said, "I command you, demon, in the name of Jesus Christ, leave!  That is an order!"  Suddenly I felt all of the demon's power break, and almost felt as though I saw him pull his hand back as though it'd just been burned by a hot iron, as he retreated away from us and out of the room with such a horrifying and terrible demonic scream that even Hollywood couldn't hope to match the terror that would bring to anyone who heard it.  The dream ended there, and I woke up shaken and upset over the whole thing.  Not upset at Jesus.  I profusely thanked Him for stepping in and helping me out.  I was more upset at the demon for having the audacity to attack me (and the girl to some extent, even though she was only a dream element), a child of God.
    I then spent some time laying in bed talking with Jesus about it while trying to calm myself.  Out of all the spiritual warfare episodes I've had to face in the past, that has to be the single worst.  I mean, I felt completely violated by the demon, and both sick and disgusted from what I was shown.  I also felt sad, knowing that the real life version of this must be happening to so many people out there right now, and also somewhat concerned given the battles they must be facing from Satan's minions right now.  I mean, if I had to call in the proverbial spiritual "reinforcements" to win my battle, I can't even imagine what it must be like for those who don't have Christ, who have to fight these battles alone, and almost certainly lose them every single time.

Anyhow, that's the dream.  If you want to interpret it, please feel free to do so.  But that's not the purpose of this post.  I merely wanted to share it with you as I think it's very important for others to see this, especially given some of the connotations and dangers that I see expressed in it.