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Thursday, July 19th, 2018 11:03pm
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Okay everyone, it's finally that time again. I am in need of feedback readers finally for OWC3. Yes, the story is finally to the point where I feel comfortable doing this. So, for those who've never done feedback reading for me before, here's the basic rules.

1. I'm not after spelling and grammar checks. That's for the editor to take care of. Now, if you see something REALLY gross that needs addressing, please let me know. But if it's just nitpicky stuff, then ignore it and focus on the story. That's the purpose of this is to review the story for continuity and plot holes, story flow, etc. IE, does it read well, does everything click, are there any issues, questions that need answering, etc? So basically I'm wanting you guys to hunt down story and character problems. :)

2. If you decide to be a feedback reader, I will provide you a free PDF copy of the book to read. If you haven't read the prior two books and want to read those first to get yourself up to speed before diving into book 3 (it should stand on its own just fine, but some people prefer to have read the prior books first before reviewing a newer book) then just ask when volunteering to review and critique the book. I'll gladly give you copies to read of books 1 and 2.

3. I have a general timeframe of 3 weeks from the time I give it to you before I expect a review/critique back. So if you review/critique the book for me, try to get back to me with your review within 2-3 weeks. If you can't, or don't think you can, then please don't volunteer. But if you can, I'd greatly appreciate the feedback in fleshing out any final problems with the book.

4. If you find any problems with the book, please be detailed in your description of what you found, where, and why you think it's an issue. Knowing that helps me a lot.

So if you want to review for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. And for those of you who've reviewed for me before, I might have sometimes sounded critical of your feedback, but believe me, I wasn't trying to be. I always greatly appreciate everyone's feedback as it helps me become a better author, and if my efforts to understand your critiques came off wrong, I'm sorry. Please, if you've reviewed for me before, please consider volunteering again. :)

As for what this means for a release date, eh, that probably won't happen until at least September as this will take about 3 weeks, then a week or so for my fixes, followed by 2-4 weeks for the editor to clean up the book, followed by all the hubbub of publishing. So no earlier than Sept 1st, but likely no later than October 1st. After that I hope to get back onto a normal 4-6 month publishing schedule as this one proved harder than expected and really put me behind. ^_^;;

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