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*NEW!* Math Assistance Needed: Dragon Aging
Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022 3:31pm
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Hey, all you math nerds out there, I've got a bit of an interesting math problem for you that I'm not sure how to solve.  It involves the dragons in my Offworld Chronicles series, and all its sequels.  Up to this point I've been using just a rough estimate in my mind of how dragon years would equate to human years.  But once I get past about 300 years, that math kinda breaks down.  So that's what I need help with.  Anyhow, the present aging scheme works sorta like this, for as much as I've put together.

From 0 to 200, dragons age 10 of their years, for one human year.  So by 200 they're equal to a 20yo.  However, from 200-300, that drops to 1 in 20, so a 300 year old is roughly 25yo.  300-400 was 1 in 40, so a 400yo is about 27 or so, if math be right.  Beyond that I'm not sure, and I'm pretty certain what I do have isn't all that clean.  Up to 200 is fine, but 200 and beyond gets a little dicey.  Also, as a point of note, a typical dragon lifetime is roughly 1200 years, with some dying as young as 1150, and some as old as 1250, with outliers gong as much as 1450 years.  

The latter is very, very rare, as the vast majority stick within that 100 year time window.  I've also equated, roughly in my head, that 1200 years old is about 90-95 in human years.  They live as old as they do as their bodies have great self healing abilities, and they have superb medical tech, allowing them to live to ripe old ages very easily.  They only really die when their nanites wear out and just sorta throw in the towel near the 1200 year mark, as the nanites are also what helps feed them.  So no nanites, no food, you die.  Pretty simple.

Anyhow, if anyone has any cool ideas on how to calculate the rate of aging decay (ie the increased rate of dragon years to human years), I'm all ears.  Thanks.

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