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Arguments about the 2nd Amendment
Thursday, March 8th, 2018 1:10pm
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Lately I've been hearing a LOT of discussion about the 2nd Amendment.  In its original definition it gives us the right to keep an bear arms, regardless of what those may be.  IE, if the 2nd Amendment were followed to the letter, the common Joe would be able to own everything from a pistol to a nuclear bomb, aircraft carrier, etc.  Instead, we've allowed it to be diluted down through the lie that it will bring "peace and safety" to everyone.  Does anyone remember what the Bible says about those who cried "Peace and Safety"?  Yes, sudden destruction came on them and destroyed them.  Well, that's us these days.  For the past 100 years we've been demanding "Peace and Safety" through tougher gun laws, and as a result we've now reaped the result.

What do I mean by that?  Well, consider this.  The biggest problem with the 2nd Amendment anymore is not so much that the government wants to take it away, but rather that we and our ancestors have let it be stripped away bit by bit over the years until we now have no way to properly defend ourselves if the government wants to take our guns, our possessions, kill us, enslave us, etc. What people don't realize is, we're so outgunned that, if the government came after everything we had tomorrow, they'd win, hands down, and with little effort.  Sure, there'd be a fight.  That I can guarantee.  However, look at what they have available to them vs what we have.  Think about it.  Honestly, what weapons do we really have? Rifles, shotguns and handguns? That's pretty much it unless you're flying under the radar or have the blessings of the state to own such weapons.

But even then you're constantly monitored and treated with contempt and, should a full on confiscation occur, you're the first doorstep they will show up on.  Even so, let's say you do have normal civilian firearms.  You're still severely outgunned to the point of being ridiculous.  I fact, so much so that stopping government tyranny anymore would be like Americans going up against the British in 1776 with sticks and stones.  In a case like that the only thing that would've happened is everyone who fought against the British would've died.  It's that simple.  As such, the only way we can truly protect against the government enslaving us is with God's intervention. We may be able to use our guns to stop the small guy. But if our government wanted to install total tyranny tomorrow, they could have it, and believe it or not, they wouldn't need to ban guns.  They'd do that anyways, but it wouldn't need to be done in order to install tyranny.

So how could they do it today and make it super easy for them without having to fire a shot in most cases?  Ever had the power go out, or the water stop flowing?  Do you remember how suddenly life became extremely difficult?  Yep, that's all they would need to do.  One flick of a switch and boom, lights go out and it's Nazi Germany all over again.  But some of you will say, "But I'm a survivalist!  I can survive all I want without them!  Oh, really?  Do you realize that, even the best survivalists can't hold a candle to what our ancestors could do?  Every one of us is a city bum compared to them.  Why?  Because we and our ancestors have allowed the globalists to make us so dependent on them that, if the government turned off the power and water tomorrow, and said "Turn in your guns and give up your freedom, or starve/freeze to death," 98% of people would do just that, and do so gladly.

I kid you not.  They would hand in their guns without batting an eye and would willingly submit to tyranny in exchange for someone turning on the lights, the water, providing them food, etc. Nobody is truly self sufficient anymore, nor are they capable of being so. The globalists have made sure of that. The only way you could be completely independent of the system and survive, is if God intervened on your behalf and provided manna (Fyi, "manna" is more than just food.  It's a concept of total provision by God.  Read my Manna book for more details.) to cover each and every one of your needs.  So right now, while defending the 2nd Amendment is a good thing, and everyone should continue to do so.

However, ultimately, in the end, we will lose that right and every other right and will eventually go into full on slavery and tyranny because of one reason: We have outright rejected God in our lives and fallen into fearing and depending on man for everything, rather than God, who is our maker and provider.  When we fear God, we have true freedom and all that we require, no matter what's happening to us otherwise. When we fear men, we have only tyranny and slavery.  Sadly, most don't realize that.  Think about that today.  Ultimately, without God, the 2nd Amendment is completely worthless.  But with God at the center of our lives, it's extremely useful to have, to stop the plans of evil men, even if our part in that is only equal to a blade of grass in a gigantic pasture.

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