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And, the purge begins (or perhaps continues?)
Monday, April 1st, 2019 5:09pm
Keywords: Facebook, Censorship, Lies, Hatred, Evil as Good, Good as Evil, Failure, Doomed, Free Speech, Freedom

Well, it would seem that the thought police over at Facebook are going after more than just me.  So far, in the past several days, they've banned no less than a dozen of my friends, removed dozens of mine and other people's posts, and even outright deleted the accounts of several others.  And why?  One answer.  We speak the truth and don't bow to the leftist, twisted, deceit filled agenda.  As such, we're no longer welcome at Facebook, and neither are our posts.

So what posts were allowed to stay?  Cat pics, funny memes, etc.  But if it was ANYTHING to do with the truth, nope, gone.  They're quietly purging, deleting, banning, and doing whatever else they can to scrub us from their platform.  Sure, it's their platform, but their "Community Standards" are entirely pro-leftist, pro-evil, anti-free speech, anti-Christian/Conservative/Jew, and anti-American to the n'th degree.  It's very much a case of, "talk about guns", banned.

Talk about killing Jews/infidels/etc?  Welcomed and embraced.  Kill your baby?  Sure. Stop abortion?  Banned.  Talk about Allah?  Welcome.  Talk about Jesus?  Banned.  Talk about Socialism and Tyranny as though it's a good thing?  Bravo!  Talk about Freedom?  Banned.  Talk about Gay rights and marriage?  Excellent!  Talk about traditional marriage?  Banned.  I mean, there's clearly no double standard here, right?  Nah, Facebook would never do that, right?

Well, they have, they are, and they will continue to do so, and nobody's gonna stop them, unfortunately.  So, yeah.  I'm so done with them.  I'm tired of the liberal love fest while getting pooped on for being conservative.  Am I mad?  Yes.  Why?  Because, my freedoms and rights were stomped on.  Just just infringed, or even violated.  They were outright ground into dust, and nobody seems to care.  Well, nobody at Facebook anyways.

So why am I ranting like this if I'm merely leaving?  Because, people need to hear the truth of what they're doing over there.  Why?  so others don't get hurt.  My posting probably won't change anything, but at least I'm going to express my right to free speech and they're not gonna be able to silence me.  They may eventually get me banned from the internet for speaking out against them, but even then I will still have my freedom of speech, and I will die defending it.

No leftist, fascist, communist, socialist, globalist, elitist oppressor will ever silence me.  By the grace of God I AM free, I WILL REMAIN free, and I will die free if I have to.  Others can cower in fear.  I refuse to.  As the old saying goes, Jesus and you are always a majority, and as such, since I am in the majority, I have ever reason to not fear and to push ahead, no matter what.  I grew up free, and I will remain free.  Period.  And Facebook can't stop that.  Period.

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