Writing Update for April
Saturday, April 20th, 2013 8:40pm
Hi again everyone.  Sorry for the long silence, but I didn't really have much of anything to report.  So what little I had to say I just tweeted.  But now I've got some updates to make, so it's blogging time!  Anyhow, here's my updates for anyone interested in what's happening.

Books: Lion and the Fire

For everyone who's been waiting for my latest book "Lion and the Fire", the final novel in the 4 part "Land of the Lions" series, I have good news.  The manuscript has so far gone to one reviewer and one editor.  Despite not having been given a final edit, the reviewer gave the book two huge thumbs up and rated it the best of the series!  Given the general insecurity I have with my writing, that's fantastic news!

The story itself closes out the series, a project I've been working on since 1992.  Yeah, it took me that long to finally get it where I wanted it quality wise.  But I think you'll find that it was worth the wait.  It's also a bitter sweet ending, because Lion in the Wind was the first novel I ever started on, so this series has been a part of my writing career since the beginning.

But as with any story it's time to put it to bed.  While I know there's a ton of possible content that could go into still more books, or another series, I feel that, when you see the ending you'll understand why I'm ending it there.  But don't fear!  It's a good ending and does the series and characters great justice.

Anyhow, the estimated release date for this book is sometime in early May.  That's not set in stone yet because I haven't gotten it back from the editor yet, but when I do it should be finalized and available for download shortly after.  I also have one other announcement to make on this, but I'll just bundle it with the next section.

Print Books

I know a number of you have heard my announcements in the past that all my books are going 100% digital.  This is because the entire publishing industry is.  So I'm just following wherever that ship leads.  Plus it's getting crazy expensive to print books anymore.  So any kind of large scale release of print is unlikely to happen ever again.  I'll also be phasing out all print sales for older titles as well, save for "The Great Commission" and only because there's still a demand for it in print.  Actually, that demand is quite a bit higher than the ebook version, so that'll still be available in print.

However, for all of you dead tree lovers, I *WILL* be offering limited editions of my books in print.  There'll probably only ever be 25-50 of any one title released in print, but that'll allow those of you who are still print book lovers to get your fix in today's digital world.  As for the release of those editions, I'll make an official announcement when they're available.

New Publisher

For those of you who haven't heard, I've moved to a new publisher.  It's a company called "Fall River".  They're another small house like 2 Moon was, but with the way the market has changed, they fit my new publishing direction a lot better than 2 Moon does anymore.  Sure, it was a fun 5 years with the old publisher, but now it's time to move on to a new one to better fit with the new direction of the publishing world. (just like my move to all digital)

Now, as for the limited edition print books I mentioned above, as well as my regular stock, those will be unavailable for a while as I make the transition between the two publishers.  Once I'm up and fully settled in at the new publisher I will have a full range of things I can offer, including speciality merchandise, limited edition print books, posters, and tons of other stuff.  Trust me when I say that the new publisher will be a very nice addition and hugely complimentary to all my books.


Now, as for my ebooks, nothing will change.  That's the beauty of ebooks.  Despite the move to a new publisher, their availability won't change one bit.  They're still available via Smashwords, Apple, BN, and several others.  The only one they won't be available at is Amazon.  But given all the tons of problems we've had with them, that isn't in the slightest bit surprising.

Amazon has been a pain in my side since the first book I published, and I doubt they'll stop being that anytime soon.  So the problems I'm having with them is nothing new.  However, I'm expecting Fall River to resolve that issue and get things straightened out with them once and for all.  So at some point I'll have full Amazon access for both print and ebooks.  So stay tuned for an update on that.

Works in the Pipe

For those who are interested, I've had a lot of works in the pipes over the past several months, but nothing that really jelled.  That's why my pending section has been transitioning so much of late.  If you've been paying attention over there you will have noticed that new books were added and then later scrapped on a regular basis.  This is just a normal thing when trying to start a new series or novel.

Right now I've got all my current series finished, and everything coming down the pipes, save one book which is almost finished (it's a companion to "The Great Commission") and should be out sometime in June or July called "Love: God's Greatest Gift".  Other than that one, all my other novels are what I call "fresh meat".  In other words I'm starting with new characters, new worlds, new plotlines and villains and so much more.

So as with any good book it takes a while to first find a plot or story that works, and then solidify the story.  So my pending section may be a bit fluid over the next year until I find something that actually gains some traction and begins gelling in my mind.  So please pardon the dust a bit as I try to get my next round of stories moving. ^_^;;


I also want to apologize about the forums.  I haven't had much to post about, so they've atrophied a bit.  But I've got plans to spice them up a bit this summer.  However, that doesn't preclude you from signing up and posting!  We don't have a specific topic we talk about.  It's more of an open community where pretty much anything is welcome, assuming it's family friendly of course.

I only make that requirement because we have young children browsing it periodically, so we can't go completely hog wild in there.  Plus I'm a Christian, so I don't like non-family friendly content either.  Now I'm not trying to censor anything so much as make it a safe place where anyone can come and hang out. :)

Also, just so everyone knows, we DO have a spam filter.  Yes, it's a bit hard to get through at first, but that's the point of it.  The filter is there to keep out the spammers.  I'm sorry if it causes anyone problems signing up or posting (once you're cleared by me or you reach your post count, you're free to post without moderation, fyi) but it's necessary, because nobody likes a forum filled with spam or spammers.

Now, on that regard, if you come up against the spam filter during signup and it blocks you from joining, just contact me and I'll make sure you get an account on the forums.  I don't want to block anyone (except spammers) from the forums, but in order to keep the bad guys out I've got to leave the spam filter set as high as I do.  So please understand.  Again, if you have any issues signing up, or even posting, just email me and let me know and I'll get you squared away. :D

Feedback Section

Only a few people have signed up to be a feedback reader.  The more of you I have, the more constructive feedback I can get to help me become a better author.  So please, signup to be one.  It only takes a few minutes and it won't be a hard thing to do.  Every so often (a few times a year, maybe twice a month max) I'll be posting content for you to read and provide feedback on.

Again, as the description on the info page states, you don't have to edit the work.  Just provide your thoughts on the story and what you think of it.  So whenever an entry is posted, just download, read it, and then come back here to submit your thoughts.  And yes, there are usually deadlines for your feedback, but I try to be as lenient on the time frames as possible.  I'm not a slave driver after all. :P

So if you can help me out by being a feedback reader I would greatly appreciate it.

Other Works - Your Suggestions

Now, last but not least, your suggestions.  I'm always up for input from ANYONE.  Don't think yourself too small or insignificant.  Most of the time the comments people post are about things I'm completely unaware of, or never would have thought of myself.  So please, share your thoughts on ideas, stories, possible characters, etc, and even this website or anything else you think is important for me to know.

I think this is especially important now that I'm between series and trying to get another round of books started.  One genre I've been tinkering with and researching a ton on is survival and apocalyptic fiction.  Given the atmosphere of today's world that's actually a huge genre right now, and one that fascinates me.  I don't know if that'll be what drives the next books I work on or not, but I'm wanting to try my hand at it.  So keep your eyes pealed for something coming in that genre.

I'm also looking (or at least experimenting with this idea) into doing a new Earthfleet series.  It's tentatively called the "Apollo Saga", based around the starship Apollo.  The story itself departs from Sol space and heads out into the galaxy, mingling a multi-species crew into a universe full of all types of aliens.  So it'll be a little deeper exploration into the Earthfleet universe.

I'm also poking at doing a continuation of "First Dawn", picking up where the book left off and exploring the world of Captain Edmond and the Destiny.  Sort of a ST:TOS for my Earthfleet saga. :)  Either way those are just a few ideas that are on the table for the moment.  I'm not saying they'll be the next books being released, but they *are* some ideas I'm exploring.

But since I'm still trying to settle on something new to work on, I'd covet your suggestions for content.  Anyhow, that's my update.  I know it's a bit long, and I probably should have made these sooner, but at least I got everything out now and hopefully brought everyone up to date on how things are going. :)  Thanks for reading and thanks for being such wonderful fans of my books! :)

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